Certificate III Studio Recording Samples: 'PRODUCT' - The examples below are from a task which requires the students to design and make a ‘product’ relevant to the music workplace. The product can be a Film Score a Soundtrack for a Multimedia CD or an Artist Demonstration CD. Most students choose to develop the marketing potential of a local performing artist.
CD Cover
CD Cover

Title: Something Like Nothing Before

Title: I Am Yours

Artist: Mark Donat

Artist: Nicky Dittrich
Recording Engineer: Mark Donat
Recording Engineer: Daniel Thompson
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Inspired Sound

Title: Hallelujah

Title: What Went Wrong
Artist: Brian McGuinness Artist: Lawree
Recording Engineer: Brian McGuinness Recording Engineer: Samantha MacLeod
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Acid Edge Music

Title: What Went Wrong

Title: Flake
Artist: Nick Artist: Lachie Hurrell
Recording Engineer: David Henderson Recording Engineer: Shannon Tindall

Certificate II/III Studio Recording Samples - 'STEREO TECHNIQUES', MIDI & AUDIO
Engineer School Recording Type Listen
Shannon Tindal Croydon SC

MIDI & Audio

Dave Cook Croydon SC Stereo Recording
Certificate II Raps
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Various students and schools are represented in the following sample. WMV